Business Internship — Shanghai, China

Join a different type of business school. 2 months of madness.

”Wheelys – One of the Top 15 Companies to Watch in 2017″
– Inc.

About Wheelys

Wheelys is a chain of organic ultra-green bicycle cafes providing fresh superfood. Founded in 2015, Wheelys Café has sold its café bicycles in more than 70 countries, which makes it the world’s fastest growing fast food chain. Ever. The company is funded by,among others, Paul Buchheit (the creator of Gmail) and Justin Waldron (co-founder of Zynga).

”No, I don’t really see Starbucks as competition. They basically offer the same GMO sugared drinks as all the rest, only with a different logo. Wheelys is a wholly new distribution channel for GOOD food. To compare us with Starbucks would be like calling Best Western Hotels a competitor to AirBnB. We are growing with three outlets per day right now, yet we have just scratched the surface of our potential. Sure, we might force Starbucks out of business, but that would not be a goal, just an accident along the way.”
– Maria De La Croix

What we are looking for

Two wickedly sharp, do-it-all Intern spots are open at the hub of one of the world’s fastest growing businesses. Wheelys has already in just two years been established in over 70 countries and counting. It is now time to requite the best and brightest people to support and expand our zero-carbon business all over the world.

We are looking for someone who enjoys having their hands in all of the cookie jars, a self starter that revels in the many challenging and sometimes random tasks that come with the adventures of a start-up.

You will be working at our newly opened office in Shanghai, with a small and creative team and will have every possibility to grow and develop; getting more responsibility, new and exciting tasks. There will be plenty of room to develop and try different areas of the business, such as sales, customer services, marketing, writing and working directly with the founders. We are looking for an intern that can be with us for at least 2 months.

Apply if you meet the following criteria

– You are a people person with the ability to understand other’s needs.
– A creative problem solver.
– A good listener with excellent verbal and written communication skills. You need to be confident speaking and writing in English on a professional level. Any other language skill is a plus (especially Spanish).
– A positive attitude with plenty of initiative.
– Entrepreneurial flair
– Strong communication skills. (with clients and co-workers)
– Excellent prioritization and organization skills.
– High motivation levels. (ability to work independently)
– An aptitude for multitasking.
– Currently working towards a degree- if it is not in business/marketing/entrepreneurship please tell us why this internship would be right for you (we are very open for people with other degrees to apply)

Were and what

Our newly opened Shanghai office
2 Positions Open
Full time
Starting 8 of March (Deadline to apply: 1 of March or as soon as we found the right person; send in your application today)

How to apply

Email your application to
– Cover letter, no more than 100 words)
– CV- Max 2 pages

And answer the following two questions:
1. Pitch our product. (100 words or less)
2. Tell us something interesting, that could be beneficial to the industry that we are in. (100 words or less)

Please note that we are receiving a lot of applications. Applications not following the guidelines will not be considered.