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Wheelys RÅ Chocolate

Rå is different. It’s never really at home in the modern world with its processed food, endless malls rational thinking and earthy color schemes. We’re making chocolate that makes us feel. Juicy, harsh, sunny and raw.

Wheelys Rå contains no colourings, no preservative, no artificials, no nonsense.

Most commercial chocolate is highly processed. The cacao beans are chemically treated and most nutrients have been lost during the heating process, and the original taste of the beans are altered. Most of us know that raw vegetables contain more vitamins and enzymes than cooked ones, the same goes with all foods, including chocolate! Wheelys Rå is 100% organic, completely dairy free and gluten free with no added refined white sugar. And if that’s not enough, lingonberries and mulberries both have great health benefits!


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