An exploding coffee bomb of love

Your own full service café

from $4999 ($20,000 value!)

What IS the Wheelys Mini?

We are extremely proud to present our new cafe, the best one so far - the Wheely’s Mini – a full service cafe on wheels starting at $4999 ($20,000 value*). 

Some people would say that the Mini is to the Cafés what the automobile was to the horse. It costs just 1% of a traditional café, moves to where the customers are and is powered by an app. We look at it as Café 2.0.

Note: At this time we offer only a limited batch of the Mini. 

Check out the full specification HERE.

*Plus a 99 usd monthly membership fee.

It is a full service, high tech mobile kitchen, with running water, refrigeration, integrated tablets, and everything you need to make the world’s best coffee. AND more. From $ 8999 (+ a monthly membership fee of $99).  Do note that we only have a few cafés left of this model.

View the full specification HERE. 

Wheelys 5

The biggest invention in mobile food since some greek invented the wine bottle. 

All previous models are SOLD OUT.