Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wheelys?

Wheelys is a chain of organic bicycle cafés, enabling young people to start their own cafés. Since launching in 2015 Wheelys Café has exploded over the world and currently operates cafés in over 45 countries.

Wheelys Café was hosted at Y Combinator (the accelerator behind Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit) and has been funded by, amongst others, Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail), Jared Friedman (founder of Scribd) and Justin Waldron (co- founder of Zynga).

Wheelys Café HQ is in Stockholm, and the boss is the 27 year old Maria De La Croix, one of the few CEOs of a global food company with blue hair.

“We will break the hegemony of the industrial fast food chains, and pave the way for an organic revolution. Helping us to do this is young hungry eco entrepreneurs from all over the world.”
— Maria De La Croix, CEO of Wheelys

I want to buy a Wheelys

How can I buy a Wheelys 4 Original?

At the moment we are taking pre-orders of our best model yet. You can reserve a Wheelys Café from our upcoming batch by pre ordering at our Indiegogo. Just choose the perk “Pre order Wheelys 4”. But the model is even better than the previous one, it has a manual espresso maker, mechanical refrigeration and have more storage than Wheelys 3.

Be quick, and stay tuned.
If you need any further assistance, just email us on

The bikes come with the basic equipment you need to start working.

Which includes:

  • Extra storage on the back.
  • LED light in the roof.
  • A display solution for other products
  • A Wheelys espresso brewer
  • A mechanical fridge (around 20 l)
  • A developed roof solution with a foldout part.
  • Solar panel
  • V-brakes.

How can I buy a Wheelys 3 Original?

We are sold out.

How can I buy a Wheelys 3 Science Station?

The Science Station is our flagship! At the moment we are entirely sold out.

When will my Wheelys be delivered?

We have set up a page where we will be posting all updates regarding shipping as soon as we get them:
Our factory is in Shanghai and we deliver worldwide, you should give our delivery 15-35 days. We ship in bulk once every 3 months approximately.

What does my monthly fee entitle me to?

  • The use of the Wheelys brand
  • Access to updated material and information from headquarters
  • Access to the mobile application along with updates and continuous improvements (Coming soon)
  • The online community- where you can talk to other Wheelers, seek help and share ideas with each other and headquarters
  • The rights to use our branded material
  • Access to photos, marketing material and logos as they develop
  • The benefits of any marketing that we do for Wheelys as well as support, templates for local campaigns and ideas in this area (Wheelys is actually founded by some of the most well known advertisers:
  • A email forward (not an inbox)
  • Help with setting up your social media such as; Facebook, Instagram and if you want, a website.
  • Access to help on design issues or maintenance of your bike
  • Discounted prices on coffee and supplies
  • An exclusive Wheelys education including; manuals, procedures and routines, to run a successful Wheelys business, how to sell, coffee training and much more
  • Invitations to our workshops in Sweden
  • The right to vote for different products and coffee as and when they come up, giving you power in how Wheelys is operated and what products we use.
  • Support on whatever matter is needed
  • And most important: friends for life :)

Principles and Goals

What are the goals of Wheelys?

Our main goal is to stop the domination of the boring big brands, enabling young entrepreneurs to run their own high-quality cafés with low, reasonable startup costs. We want to take over Star*ucks in presence and quality with a responsible, passionate and environment-friendly generation.
We want to bring coffee, snacks and smiles to the under-served neighborhoods around the world, with a touch of technology to meet the demands of a connected generation on the move.
We look forward to bring our passion for the #ScienceOfCoffee to the next level by spreading the knowledge online and at our future coffee academies around the world.“Since you can buy more than 200 Wheelys cafés for the same price as starting a ****bucks, you can see what we mean when we say ****bucks are in trouble.”
— Maria De La Croix

What are the principles of Wheelys?

It’s all about being, and doing good for people and to the environment. From here comes our support for organic and fairtrade coffee and food products, our flexibility and support when it comes to assisting solo entrepreneurs around the world to start their business via us, and our first term when we close the deals with the Wheelers: You should serve all our friends with the same smile, the rich and the homeless.

A lot of big corporations are panicking these days “Whoa, they want ecological thinking? Well, let’s….eh…run our diesel engines on palm oil! And print our corporate-environment-policy on that brownish paper!” Wheelys is not perfect. But let’s face it. We serve organic, vegan food from cafés that run on the energy from your body and the sun.

Rules and Responsibility

Are there any specific rules I need to follow?

All our Wheelers abide to follow the principles below:

  • To serve every individual with the same smile, also the homeless guy.
  • To serve only 100% fair trade and organic coffee.
  • To strive for the goal of making all food and pastries 100% Organic. At least 60 % of the sold pastries and food on a Wheelys Café need to be organic.
  • To participate in global Wheelys campaigns, making efforts to help the community with material for social media channels, to aid us with photos and information about the Wheelys operated by you, and making any material you participate with, free for all Wheelers to use in the marketing of Wheelys.
  • To support the Wheelys community – share ideas and knowledge with the other Wheelys owners and aim to help other Wheelers.
  • To pay all subcontractors with a salary that is not under the recommended minimum salary for the country in which the café operates.
  • To keep the Wheelys bike clean and in a good condition and to make sure that the coffee, food and pastries served are always fresh.
  • To follow all local laws in your territory.

Failure to comply with the above principles may result in a warning. If the café still fails to comply with the principles, he/she will lose the right to operate under the Wheelys brand name, as well as all other rights connected to Wheelys.

What do I need to sell on a Wheelys?

It is very easy. Just place an order on our Indiegogo HERE or send us a mail to
The bikes come with the basic equipment you need to start working. Then you need a location, and some locations might require a permit depending on the local laws and if you choose to work in a public or private spot. Make sure to check your regulations in your city!

What can I sell on a Wheelys?

You can sell coffee, tea, croissants, muffins, cookies, snacks, sandwiches and juices, along with coffee merchandise and other accessories you might want to sell. You can also team up with local businesses or newspapers to sell their stuff. We do ask that you aim for the other non-coffee products that you sell to be 60% (organic/fair-trade/direct trade).

How can I become a Wheeler?

Simply by ordering your bike. Just place an order on our Indiegogo HERE or send us a mail to
After placing your order – you will get an invitation to our community, and our upcoming courses – which will help you grow into the role of being a Wheeler*
*A Wheeler is what we call those running or owning Wheelys Cafés. This is people from all over the world sharing the same values and goals.


Where can I operate?

Generally, this depends on your local laws and on your flexibility and mode of operations. You might work at a fixed location or take a daily route through busy pedestrian areas. The Wheelers do sell in public parks, street sides, metro stations, bus stops, ferry terminals, their neighborhoods, at business complexes, shopping malls, universities, bazaars, … etc. So it is totally up to you to choose the best accessible and most profitable location!

Where are the existing Master Rights Holders? Can I operate in those areas?

If you would like to operate in any of these areas, please feel free to contact our master rights holders to get information on opportunities in your area!

Metro Manila, Philippines


Portugal, Lisbon

Melbourne, Australia

Cairo, Egypt
Joseph Bishara:

Amman, Jordan
Mahdi Hyari:

Evan Luthra:

Toronto, Canada

New Orleans, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

Quereataro, Mexico

China and Taiwan

Malmö, Sweden

New Jersey, USA

Vilnius, Lithuania
Azzara foundation:

London, UK


Will I need a permit to operate my Wheelys? /Can you help me with my permit?

That depends. In some cities, like Copenhagen and Lund, you will easy get a license in public places just by paying a small fee. In other cities, you don’t even need to pay a fee, as long as you constantly move. But in most places some kind of permit is needed and we advise that you look into the matter with your city council!
Remember: Most cities and politicians love the idea of an eco bike café, that adds hipster credibility to the city. If your local politicians belong in the old and dusty category, perhaps with no understanding of new inventions: look into operating your Wheelys on private areas; universities, airports, malls, the space outside a store etc.
At the moment, we can’t fight local regulations. The Wheelers will need to get in touch with their local permitting authorities themselves. If there is anything we can do after that, we will attempt to help out, i.e. if you need a special greywater arrangement due to local health rules – we can advise you. Be sure to push the ecological side of the business, the solar panels, fairtrade coffees, etc. Wheelys also provides jobs and business ownership to young people.

Can I borrow or rent a Wheelys from you to try it out?

No, we do not offer this at the moment.

What is the capacity of the coffee makers in terms of coffee and water?

The cart has a capacity of 320 cups of coffee in one sitting, if you serve 1,7 dl coffee in each cup. (10 liter * 2 freshwater tanks + 3 * 13 liter thermoses). The thermoses and water tanks can of course be refilled so there is no stop of the flow of coffee from your Wheelys.

How many beverages can be made on average?

The different methods we use are: pour over, syphon and ROK (for espresso). The pour over is the fastest one of these (1 minute to heat up the water, quicker if you have pre heated water that is stored in the thermoses). With our pour over method you can make 3 at a time. The syphon takes about 3-5 minutes, so it’s slower but looks really cool and makes great coffee. As for the ROK (our manual espresso maker: it takes around 1 minute as well. If you want to speed things up, we suggest you to pre-heat water and store in the thermoses.

Money and Sales

How much will I earn per day? In other words, what is the average sale for a Wheelys Café?

Oh yes, that is the question, isn’t it?
Our Wheelers tell us it varies a lot depending on time of day, where you stand, day of the month, weather conditions, and so on.A rough estimation is that in Scandinavia you can earn $300 to $700 in one six-hour shift. Of course, most of the selling is done during ‘rush’ hours, and you can earn A LOT more by moving your spot to where the people are at the moment AND by changing your menu based on customer requests. For instance, make sure to bring a lot of coffee to the train station for all the poor, tired commuters that didn’t have time to brew their own coffee as they rushed out the door in the morning. Bring salads and sandwiches and set up near offices and hotels in town during lunchtime. In the evening: swing by a football game and celebrate with the winners, or serve some coffee and a croissant made with love to the game’s losers. They sure will need it.If you have a spot in central London, New York, or Tokyo, you can probably put a zero after our estimates. The record turnover for a Wheelys is $ 1100 in one day.

What is my estimated cost per cup of coffee?

The cost of the branded material and the coffee beans are not that much. Our conservative calculations come up with these costs per cup:

coffee, sugar, milk 12 Cents USD
cup, lid, and napkin 12 Cents USD
= 24 Cents USD

To give you some more math to think about: the approximate sales for our Wheeler Adam Mikkelson in Lund (a university town in Sweden) is 50 cups per hour, and each sold for about 2.50 USD. (These numbers depend on where you are selling, how you sell, what time you sell, etc.)

2.50 USD x 50 cups per hour = about 125 USD per hour
24 cents USD cost x 50 cups per hour = about 12 USD cost per hour
Total Profit 113 USD per hour

How can I improve my sales?

The three most important things to think about:

  • Consistency­ for every week you stand at the same spot, revenue will rise 5%.
  • Enjoy yourself­, happy people sell more coffee.
  • Experiment­, move to different locations, try different times or wear a gold hat.

And don’t worry. Give it a few weeks and you will see your profits rising, it’s almost like a natural law. The next thing you know, you are the owner of four Wheelys bikes and employing your kid sisters.

Rules of Thumb

  • Aim to be out hustling during rush hours
  • Get up early to catch the morning commuters. Who doesn’t want a fresh cuppa joe in the morning?
  • Cycle around town during lunch hours
  • Catch return commuters in the afternoon on their way home
  • Make people happy. It’s scientifically proven that by giving something away (a lollipop, for instance) people are more willing to give you something back in return
  • Help brands launch new products on the market. For example, give away samples (and charge the company for doing so)
  • Get patrons – befriend your customers. If they like you, they will tell their friends. Always remember to reward those trusty clients of yours.
  • Is there a ferry terminal nearby? This is a perfect place to sell coffee to bored drivers.
  • Outside a school or a university has proven to be a great spot!
  • Bus terminals are usually crowded with people but lack cafés – use this opportunity!
  • Get friendly with the local shop owners and workers in the area. Don’t be a stranger on your block.
  • Think strategically, and observe your area. Where do the crowds form? Are there public benches? Are the pedestrians in a rush, or enjoying the sunset? Take note of all the little details.
  • Think trial-and-error. Every unsuccessful spot moves you closer to your dream location. Remember, EVERYONE wants coffee.
  • And if you’re feeling creative
  • Find exhibitions/sporting events/concerts/parties to sell at. Keep up to date with your area’s events calendar.
  • Sell umbrellas on rainy days.
  • Buy multiple Wheelys Cafés, employ your friends, and become a Wheelys kingpin
  • Rent your bike and services to corporate or sports events – everyone wants coffee and snacks!
  • Do catering gigs at corporate events (where the organizer pays you to hand out coffee and snacks from your bike). These are often well-paid (you can often charge around 1000 USD per gig for such a service)
  • Hot day? Sell fruit and cold water or lemonade to quench people’s thirsts.
  • Collaborate with street performers! Think of street music as live entertainment at your café, and pay the performers with coffee and goodies.
  • Team up with newspapers and become their distributor.

And let’s face it, running a café isn’t a walk in the park. Just like any other job, you need to work hard to make ends meet. Bill Gates didn’t get where he is today by chilling on his couch eating potato chips, but rather by being innovative, creative, and giving it all he had. Likewise, you’ll get whatever you put into running your café. The more you invest into running your café, the more you will profit.
If you are a Wheeler – you can access our Wheelys Sales Manual – how to increase your sales under Information on your My Wheelys page.

How many days will it take for me to pay off the cost of purchasing a Wheelys?

According to our current estimates of profit 113 USD per hour, it should take a bit over a month of brisk sales to pay off the costs of purchasing a Wheelys 3.


I have an event where I would like a Wheelys to serve coffee – is that possible?

Yes, currently we can offer bikes with baristas in several cities around the world. Send us a mail to specify when and where you need it, and for how many hours.


Can I order coffee from you?

Yes you can find it at:

What coffee can I order from you?

Below are Wheelys coffee varieties, all organic and fairtrade:Wheelys Guatemala Gangrene Coming April 2016
Wheelys Rwanda Rupture Coming April 2016
Wheelys Indonesia Idoltry Available Now
Which one you prefer is basically a matter of taste. We do ask that all Wheelers have in stock our house brand, but you may buy other brands as well as our house brand.

What is unique about Wheelys coffee?

This is not a collection of mild Nestlé roasts with subtle hints of whatever but a wild and irresponsible mess of coffees. This is the degenerated Viennese 1900, a soaking wet muddy roast from Rwanda or a really evil bastard of a wildfire roast from the Yemenite hills. This is a coffee that will rip the heart of of your chest and make you quit your job. Or make you seek us out and beat us up.
Try it yourself.

I have a local coffee brand that I would like to use, can I?

Yes you can as long as it is organic and fairtrade, in conjunction with ours.

Do I need to sell the Wheelys coffee from my Wheelys?

Yes, all Wheelers need to offer the Wheelys house brand coffee to their customers. If you prefer to sell a local brand as well that is OK to combine – you can sell both.

Products and Supplies

What can I sell from a Wheelys?

We recommend that you serve a minimum selection of coffee, soft drinks, fruits, and some pastries. But every Wheelys owner is free to add their own touch – yogurt, croissants, an assortment of candies, etc. You might even decide to cross-promote with new brands and product launches, as well as sell newspapers and magazines. Sell bagels and sandwiches in the evening, or give it a French touch by selling crêpes!

What bikes and supplies can I buy from you, and what is the price?

Below is a full list of the bikes and the supplies. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need more details.

Wheelys Bikes:
Wheelys 4 4499 USD
Wheelys 3 Original Sold out
Wheelys 3 Science Station Sold out
Service kit for your Wheelys 200 USD Coming soon
Wheelys syphon 140.64 USD
Wheelys Samovar Coming soon
The pour over Kit (3 cups a time + kettle) Coming soon
Wheelys Espresso maker Coming soon
Chemex* pour over for 5 cups 62.05 USD
Manual grinder 58.06 USD / 81.52 USD
Battery grinder Coming soon
Foam maker* manual Coming soon
Foam maker* batteries Coming soon
Metal kettles 164.10 USD / 81.99 USD
Singular Drip over porcelain filter v60 Coming soon
Filters for Syphon Coming soon
Filters for Chemex* 15.13 USD
Filters for singular pour over 7.62 USD
Extra burners for syphon 91.38 USD
Kit Glass containers for the science station Coming soon
Apron Coming soon

For a full range of what the shop can offer take a look:

A friend wants to order a Wheelys, do I get any bonus?

Yes. Mail us on

What about replacement cups, napkins, and lids?

We are currently working on developing our own branded stock that you can order directly from us, but, for the time being, you will need to purchase your own paper cups, lids, napkins, etc. Your initial shipment will contain a Wheelys stamp for branding everything yourself – which is much cheaper for you, and saves on shipping fees AND the environment! All our cups that you can see in pictures and videos are branded with the same method.

I want to order several Wheelys Cafés – can I get any discount?

Yes. Mail to discuss this further.


Can I buy an unbranded bike from you?


Can I buy a bike branded with my own brand?


Technical Stuff

What size and weight is the Wheelys 3 Original?

The dimensions and weight of Wheelys 3 Original are shown in the graph below.
LENGTH: 225 CM, WIDTH: 100 CM, HEIGHT: 110 CM – 199,5 CM
NET WEIGHT 100 kg (without any accessories). Shipping weight is about 250kg.

Where can I find a full specifications of the Wheelys 4?

Where can I find a full specifications of the Wheelys 3 Original?

Where can I find a full specification of the Wheelys 3 Science Station?

What size is the box that the Wheelys 3 is shipped in?

It is 231cm long, 110cm wide and 110cm high.
Weight: 210kg

What size is the box that the Wheelys 4 is shipped in?

It is 235cm long, 114cm wide and 127cm high.
Wight: 250kg

Will I be able to squeeze my Wheelys into my car?

No. For several reasons this is not advisable.
The Wheelys 3 is quite big. Wheelys is surprisingly easy to bike, but to lift it up… well this is something that requires 3-4 people. And once you loaded it, you need to secure it. What you can do is rent a truck with a tail gate and use straps to secure it. But we still advise that you bike to and from work. And if you need to move it longer distances, rent a truck.
But on the other hand this won’t be a problem. The café is super mobile and equipped with a electrical engine making it into something that is almost like a car!

How does the Electrical Motor Work?

An electrical motor makes a big difference, especially in hilly or windy cities. With an empty box (the café portion), they can travel up to 20 km/h for about 30 kilometers. The bike takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge, and the electric engine is 250w and 25kw/h.
The motor is operated via a sensor near the chain so that the pedal acts as the accelerator, so when you pedal the motor is activated, and the motor stops when you stop pedaling. You can control the speed between 6 bars with a remote on the handlebars, or you can switch back to normal pedaling.

What are the motor specifications?


What about cooling?

We have an isolated compartment where you can put ice bricks to keep things cold throughout the day in the Wheelys 3. The Wheelys 4 has mechanical refrigeration.

Can the solar cells feed all my equipment on the bike?

No. For several reasons. The amount of sun is different and what the equipment requires varies a lot from Wheeler to Wheeler.
We advise you to consider the solar power at this point as a support source. It will load the battery for sure, how much and how much battery you will need is hard for us to say. But the battery you will need to buy and install yourself, It should be sufficient for what you need, excluding if you connect a fridge.

Can I get a bike with customized technical specs?

We try to help but we still are a small team and have limited resources to
make custom solutions. But we will try so please send us what you want and we
will get back telling you if it’s something we can do, or give you advice on how to fix the modification yourself. Most things inside of the Wheelys is moveable, so you can modify your Wheelys if you want to!


What is the estimated time for shipping?

From the day we send it until arrival it takes between 15-35 days, depending on where in the world you are located. Asia and Australia is around 15 days while the US and Europe is close to 35 days delivery.

What will my shipping cost be?

This is dependent on where exactly in the world you are. But below is some approximate figures. But please keep in mind that this is approximations.
USA & EU: 700 USD
Rest of the world: 500-1000 USD (depending on location)

What will I need to pay in customs, VAT and duty?

This is different from country to country. You can use this calculator to get to know what the exact price will be for your country.
Right now, electrical bikes are not subject to anti-dumping, and therefore the duty to Europe (and most of the world) should be 6%.

What is your HS code?

Our HS code is 87091190


How do I clean the syphon brewer?

Now that’s a good question right there. Brew a batch with only water – NO coffee! Boil the water through the syphon for a brewing cycle. Wash it directly after use since if the coffee dries it’s as you understand hard to clean. Use a longer brush to reach into the brewer.

Can I use Wheelys to sell coffee using local brewing methods in my area?

Yes, you can. Just coordinate it with us for compliance with the brand image.

Do you provide instructions for brewing using the syphons, pour over, … etc?

Yes, we already have three instructional videos which you can find here.

The Wheelys Brand

How will being part of the Wheelys brand benefit me?

Well, we think the question should be how it won’t benefit you!
The top 5 reasons for choosing Wheelys over going solo are:

  • Wheelys provides you with strong branding and excellent networking.
  • You will be part of a global network of coffee bikes which increases customer awareness and recognition.
  • We will offer you continuous support, development, maintenance, spare parts, hints and tips, and global marketing.
  • We support you with branded material, like cups and napkins.
  • We support you with high-quality sellable goods, like chocolate, cookies and snacks.

Can I modify my Wheelys?

Yes, you can! It’s up to you to change the bike so it fit your needs.
Do you need help discussing your modifications? Ask in the community, or send a mail to and we will give you our advice on the task :)

Can you modify my Wheelys?

We do not make modifications. However, we can give you suggestions on how you can do the requested modifications yourself, or giving you an advice on someone who can help you. The frame is made of wood and metal, so you will find it very easy to maintain, repair and modify. Finding a carpenter or bike tools will be much easier and cheaper than send it back to us ;)

What does Wheelys offer me?

Wheelys Café offers you all what you need for success, growth and fun:

  • An app handling your entire POS-system and orders. (Coming Spring 2016.)
  • Instant support:

  • We answer any questions you might have, or try to direct you to the right person to talk to. All questions will be answered within 12 hours maximum. Usually it takes even less (1-2 hours).
  • Marketing resources:

  • You will get help from some of the best advertisers in the world with ideas on how to reach out to new customers, and how to get your sales going.
  • An easy editable web page for your Wheelys Café.
  • Graphic material for your social media pages. Including easy editable templates as well as photos from other Wheelers all around the world.
  • A family:

  • Wheelys is built around a network of enthusiastic Wheelers all around the world. Easily connected to a Wheelys community. Here you can open your heart in our discussion group; talk about a successful day and get new ideas or tell the others about your new amazing idea.
  • Every year we invite all Wheelers to Stockholm to an event called “Big Wheel”. We will hold workshops in sales and barista training. This is as well, a great place to meet the other Wheelers.
  • The world’s best coffee!
  • Secret tips from the insiders:

  • Some of the best baristas in the world are sharing their best advice on how to make the perfect cup of joe. Available through videos and easy-read manuals.

The Wheelys App

How does the Wheelys app work?

The App will include all the features you need to sell, grow, control you finance and operations, interact with the Wheelers, and increase your customers’ loyalty and engagement.

The Wheelys app is available for iPhone and Android.

You are able to handle your entire sales system inside the app, ordering anything you need from the Wheelys HQ as well as keeping in touch with the other Wheelers around the world.

Once you open the app and turn on your availability, other people will see that you are out selling coffee. They will even see where you are located by the use of our small map. By clicking on your café – the customers will jump directly into your own café page – where you can make your daily offers available or, if you have any, your opening hours.

Through a simple registration process, your customers connect their credit card to the Wheelys payment system. As soon as this is done they are good to go and can start buying Wheelys coffee from you as easy as pressing a button, your customers can buy whatever they prefer from your items.
And you, the Wheeler, can easily modify the daily items inside the app to suit your daily servings or season.

Your customer is in a hurry to the next train? He or she will easily see how many minutes by walk or by car she has in order to reach your café. This way they can easily place an order five minutes before reaching you. And you can have the perfect cup of coffee prepared the minute they arrive.

Offers & Special Deals:
Choose your special deals or take part of Wheelys Global campaigns. Depending on the season, day of the week and time of the day, depending on if you have five muffins or if you are just in the mood for a spontaneous happy hour on coffee. This is a great way to keep your customers interested in following your page, and also a great way to give something back to those loyal customers of yours.

Points. Or as we call them: Beans! :)
By using the app your customers collect beans (it’s actually points but we call them Beans). This means that they can save up for a free cup or a discounts. There’s no real reason for everyone to not start collecting beans.

Talk to the other Wheelers. Get inspiration on rainy days or discuss your latest ideas with a like minded person.

Out of coffee? Ordering more from us is just a click away.
After using the app for 2-3 months it will also suggest you to buy more coffee beans before you’re out of them!

When will the Wheelys app be released?

The first version of the App will be ready Spring 2016.

Social Media and Networking

Can I start my own Wheelys page on social media platforms?

We encourage you to do so and will help you setting it up and reach the right channels and people. You can start your own social media page, and we also offer setting up your own My Wheelys page under our global website.

Is there any platform to connect with other Wheelers around the world?

Yes, once you have registered for My Wheelys you will be able to access our Slack ChannelOur App will provide such platform for collaboration too, and it will be the official platform once it’s ready.
Wheelys is built around a network of enthusiastic Wheelers all around the world. Easily connected to a Wheelys community. Here you can open your heart in our discussion group; talk about a successful day and get new ideas or tell the others about your new amazing idea.

About the Company

When did Wheelys start?

Wheelys was founded in Sweden in 2014 by Tomas Mazetti, with the help of Maria De La Croix and Per Cromwell.

How big is Wheelys?

By the end of April 2016, we have sold over 378 bikes to 55 countries.

Where is Wheelys based?

Wheelys has its main office in Sweden.

I understand the company takes a percentage of the sales of each Wheelys, am I correct?

Right now we don’t. Our app lets your clients pay through the app. Then we will charge a small percentage of that. But you can still choose to charge in cash, it’s up to you!


I have a problem with XYZ, to whom should I talk?

If you did not find the answer for your question(s) under our FAQ page, please feel free to get in touch with someone from our team:
For sale inquiries:
For support questions:
Questions regarding your webpage:
Master Rights Holder inquiries:

Do you offer training for the Wheelers?

Wheelys customers can access this under the My Wheelys page as well!

Do Wheelys Cafés come with operating manual?

Wheelys comes fully assembled. If you would like support or advice about your product send an email to

Do Wheelys Cafés come with assembly manual?

The Wheelys 3 does not, but the Wheelys 4 will.
Yes, we hold workshops in sales, customized local marketing skills and barista training. This is as well a great place to meet the other Wheelers. We will have training in Sweden, the US and Dubai!
Most of these will be available in the form of video courses as well!

What kind of help with marketing can I expect to get from you?

In the team behind Wheelys Café, you’ll find some of the most awarded advertisers in the world. We’ll use the latest social media strategies and techniques employed by the giants such as McDonald’s, but we use them for good! So no ads – ads don’t work. The media landscape is flooded and looking for ads is like a bucket in a flood. Instead, we suggest that you bring your swimsuit and adapt! We generate a lot of the only thing that matters – attention. We do offer courses in local marketing in Sweden, as well as online-courses for Wheelys owners.
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