In some ways yes, in some ways no. The main difference between a Wheelys Café and a food truck, is size: Since food trucks are based on commercial vans, they are sized like them too. Furthermore they require gas to operate, and are often subject to extensive licensing requirements. Wheelys Café on the other hand is based on a bicycle. This means they are not only much smaller than a food-truck, but do not require a gas powered engine; they have a pedal assisted electric motor, run on solar power and propane (for the two burners). You could say that Wheelys Café is more of a coffee cart or a coffee bike than a heavy duty food truck. Another difference is the price: food trucks cost from between $30.000 to $120.000, Wheelys bikes start at $3.999.

You can’t serve actual meals from a Wheelys of course, although you could probably rig it to do some lightweight cooking. But serving coffee and snacks is easier than cooking anyway, and the profit margin on coffee is better than any other food item (apart from perhaps crêpes, which is why we’re now selling a crêpe module).



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