You like money? So do we. We would eat it if it didn’t taste so funny. In this section we present some economic reports, growth plans, and the secret weapons we are using to destabilize the industry.

(We presume you already know the part about Wheelys growing faster than anyone before us and making money. If you don’t, just re-read the last sentence.)

Wheelys has grown 10% monthly for two years. We have now sold 500 + cafés to 60+ countries, and just raised $2,5 million from some of Silicon Valley's visionaries. To strengthen our community, we will now let owners of Wheelys Cafe buy a small piece of the company at a discounted valuation, while preparing for our A-round.

CONFIDENTIAL. This page is for selected investors and Wheelys owners only. Do not share this link or its contents publicly or with any third party. It is not yet an offer. Legal restrictions might apply, especially for citizens of the US.

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