Start a new life!

Wake up with the morning sun. Drag your bike out from its slumber. Roll through the streets. Fire up the burners. Smell the fresh coffee.
And then, just as people start to line up, you are ready. Coffee, tea, cookies, chocolates, and juice. You smile at new customers, chit-chat with the regulars, and brew some more coffee.
When the day is over, you count your earnings and log onto your computer to chat with your Wheelys compadrés around the world.

A Day With Wheelys

What are the advantages of Wheelys? For us, the biggest thing is the freedom. The freedom to decide when and where to work. But there are others.
"Running a Café for two weeks got me more new friends than five years in advertising" — Per Cromwell

Wheelys are green. You’ve seen the big chains desperately pretending they care, applying weird green policies on top of a fundamentally harmful company. Wheelys is the complete opposite. Yes, while other food franchises are just now realizing people care about the environment and are desperately running their diesel engines on imported coconut oil or weird things like that, Wheelys are cafés on BIKES! It was built from the start to be 876% more environmentally friendly than the competition.

Wheelys are fun! Don’t you forget it! Just being out there collecting smiles is an experience worth paying for. But you won’t be paying. They’ll be paying you. It’s crazy, which brings us to…

20 cents to brew.
Retails for more than 2 dollars.

Wheelys are profitable. The margin on coffee is hard to beat. A cup that costs 20 cents to brew retails for more than $2. Since Wheelers don’t pay rent, utilities, or advertising, that profit stays with YOU! We’ve had eight-hour days where we’ve made over $1,000. But that’s not the ceiling, we’re sure of it.
Wheelys are healthy. We serve healthy food. But Wheelys are healthy in more than one way; cycling makes you fit and you’ll make friends while you’re on the go, which has been proven to prolong your life.


Wheelys are connected. By owning a Wheelys Café, you’ll connect with hundreds of other Wheelers all over the planet. Exchange tips on how to brew the perfect pour over, where to park your stand, alternative selling tricks, or just chit-chat.
In short, Wheelys are the first real challenge to the hegemony of the mega fast food giants—a green, lean, money-making machine.


What are the advantages of Wheelys compared to a static café? Besides the fact that you can sell coffee in front of the Eiffel Tower? Here are some: