Moby becomes a subsidiary of Wheelys

Nils, Wheeler in London

800 coffee entrepreneurs around the globe

"Serving coffee is not a job, it's a responsibility. The first cup of coffee in the morning is essential, people depend on you!"  

"Is this easy? Hell no, I had to be up at 5 am this morning. But guess what? I didn't have a boss telling me that I had to be up at 5. This is the best 5 am wake up call ever."  

Zachoria, Wheeler in Miami

Meet the owners of Wheelys café bikes

No boss, no desk. Just sunshine and the tastiest coffee the world have ever tasted. Brewed by you.

The worlds greenest café chain

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Never at home in the modern world, with it’s processed food, endless malls and rational thinking.

We want to make the world feel again.

Feel the taste of coffee. Feel the joy of running your own business. We want to take part in the great movement away from the the soul numbing mega-brands.

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A lot of big corporations are panicking these days. “Whoa, they want ecological thinking? Well, let’s … eh … run our diesel engines on palm oil! And print our corporate-environment-policy on that brownish paper!”

Wheelys is not perfect. But let’s face it. We serve organic, vegetarian food from cafés that run on energy from your body and the sun.

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The best coffee in the world

Feel more!

Since coffee tastes so sweet, a lot of people think it must be bad. So they torture themselves with dubious bitter herbal drinks.

In reality coffee is—together with sex and sunshine—among the few things known to man that is both sweet and really good for you.

The Wheelys Coffee is 100% organic, and tastes better than anything you've ever tried before.

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A green revolution

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