The Wicked World
of Wheelys Coffee

During our explorations of coffee around the world, we’re constantly flabbergasted, enraptured, and—to be honest—quite horrified by the variety of roasts out there.

TWWOWC is a small collection of the (very) personal favorites from our Wheelys staff to you jaded, coffee aficionados around the world.

100% organic and 100% fair trade.
No poison, no pesticide. Just pure, awesome coffee.

NOTE: This is not a collection of mild Nestlé roasts with subtle hints of whatever but a wild and irresponsible mess of coffees.
This is the degenerated Viennese 1900, a soaking wet muddy roast from Rwanda or a really evil bastard of a wildfire roast from the Yemenite hills.
This is a coffee that will rip the heart right out of your chest and make you quit your job. Or make you seek us out and beat us up.

Indonesian Idolatry.
Rwandan Rupture.
Guatemala Gangrene.
Kenya Kamikaze.

Indonesian Idolatry

In the mountains in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, surrounding the shores of Lake Tawar you will find the fullest bodied Arabica in the world. The Ateng Arabica has been grown by the Gayo people for almost a century. Cultivated at 1,500 meters, the combination of soil and climate has made this coffee recognized worldwide for its unmistakable flavor. A thick, pungent coffee with a syrupy body and low acidity, plus chocolate and black cherry for a rich, earthy flavor.

The world can be divided in two groups: the people who love the Gayo “Atu Lintang” coffee and the people who don’t yet love the Gayo “Atu Lintang” coffee.

Region: Gayo “Atu Lintang”
Altitude: 1500m
Varietas: Ateng Arabica
Processing Method: Semi washed
Cupping Notes: Syrupy body and low acidity with chocolate and black cherry for a rich, earthy flavour

Put the kettle on kids, it’s brewing time.